Monday, April 19, 2010

40 Weeks + 1 Day

Where to start? We had a wonderful, fun, active, busy weekend-oh, and I'm still pregnant!

On Saturday my parents came up and we took Piper and the belly to downtown Raleigh's annual SPCA doggie day. It was a ton of fun with plenty of things going on-live music, Vic's pizza, wonderfull Spring weather and of course a plethora of puppies everywhere! We had also hoped that all the walking would encourage baby Evan to come, but no such luck-0nly sore tootsies! Piper had a blast though and is really enjoying all of this extra walking and attention-he is one happy puppy!

On Sunday we went to Open Door Baptist to stay close to home "just in case" -it was a completely differant Sunday morning experience "sleeping in" and driving to a church just 2 minutes down the road, not to mention not setting up/tearing down. And while it was a bit less stressful getting out the door and a refreshing rest for Chris being able to enjoy worship on the other side of the mic-more than anything we both realized how much we love Wilson and missed it so much-it just was'nt the same and we are so grateful for and blessed by our church. We LOVE Christ Baptist! Afterwards we decided to-guess what-do some more WALKING! We packed up Pipey again and drove down to Cameron Village for a nice lunch out and some more Spring strolling.

In everything we did this weekend we were dripping with anticipation as our anxiously awaited due date approached-and now that's it's come and gone, I feel like our sweet ice cream cone of come baby goodness is quickly melting into a sherbet of anxiety, mixed with a bit of frustration and a lot of discomfort. Over that past few days, we've walked, walked, and walked some more. We indulged the wive's tales with spicy food and speedbumps-more than anything waiting and praying for a baby SOON! Chris even started to have "sympathy contractions" on Sunday afternoon, lol. :-)

Aside from feeling like a whale, I was disappointed that baby Evan did not make his appearance yesterday for many reasons. For one, my FAVORITE doctor happened to be on call yesterday so I was really crossing my fingers-but now it's a gamble. Tomorrow we've got another OB apt-one I'd hoped not to make, and the one where we'll be having the o-so-dreaded "induction" talk. However, I'm keeping positive and still hoping for a natural delivery, and sooner then later! After all, we've waited 10 whole months-what's a few more days?! He could even come today...only God knows. Praise praise praise to the one who holds everything perfectly in His hands-even baby days!

Come on Evan, we can't wait to meet you!!!


Shayna said...

That is such a cute picture of you, Rebecca!! I've been thinking about and praying for you guys!!!

BoldLion said...

Praying for you all! I had to laugh at the picture of you "pushing the strolling" picture.

HUG! We did miss you all yesterday and wondering if you had it yet or not. I am looking forward to hear the good news when it does come.

I do understand about the doctor thing. I was that way when I had to get my knee surgery done back in '94 but glad to get the best one.

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion