Friday, April 23, 2010

40 Weeks + 5 Days

and still waiting...

To update everyone who has so kindly called/emailed/fb'd on wondering how were doing and if the baby is here yet...I am still very much pregnant, and all the more anxious and hopeful for a baby soon! We appreciate the prayers and encouragement, and are really hoping for some activity today or over the weekend-right now the race is on between a natural labor and an induced one. Our appointment on Monday and test results will ref that call, so were really hoping to be snugly in the hospital bed with our new little one before Monday rolls around. Until then I'll be walking the pup, inventing more things to do around the house, eating rasberries and possibly working on a cheer to encourage baby Evan out.


BoldLion said...

Praying for you all and for Evan to come soon for you in His timing!

'Guerite ~ BoldLion

Shannon said...

Rebecca...I pray you will go into labor over the weekend. I went 9 days over with Abigail and was to be induced on a Thursday evening and went into labor that thursday morning. This is such an exciting time girl. Try to get a ton of rest over the weekend if that is at all possible with all the potty breaks, etc. Can't wait to see pics of Evan.