Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bili Baby No More

Did someone order the blue light special?

It goes without saying, but Mr. Evan is a BIG boy. In fact, say goodbye newborn sized diapers and "NB" clothes already! The nurses said he's got a pound each in his cheeks :-)

His size was a huge(no pun intended) contributing factor to him having a slight case of the yucky yellow Jaundice. From what I understand, its super common and routine now a days, and not a big health concern. More than anything it's been sort of annoying to deal with, but I really can't complain. We had to stay in the hospital an extra day so that he could stay on the lighted bed. That was a hard day for me as he needed to be continuously on the bed, and could only be taken out for nursing (even then we had to attach him to a bili blanket). And speaking of nursing, we were made to supplement with formula for now, until my milk fully comes in, in order to make sure he is eating enough to get rid of this thing. Praise God though for the "SNS" nursing system, which still allowed me to breastfeed and did not interfere with that latch learning process. Even though we had to start some formula, he was able to get it from the breast(not bottle) right alongside his liquid gold colostrom. Again, how cool is modern technology? Basically, Evan's big job over the past few days has been to eat and poop, eat and poop...this rids his system of the jaundice.

His poor little feet have been pricked to death with the heel sticks and it just kills mommy to see it! Thankfully, they allowed us to go home on the bili blanket. I just hated not being able to take him around the house and snuggle him(esp on his first day hom)-the blanket is attached to a small machine and plugged into the wall so he was basically outlet bound.

Thankfully, our pediatrician declared Evan out of the jaundice woods this morning. His levels were much lower and acceptable for his weight and age-so no more bili blanket for us, yay! :-) We'll take some fun in the sun over that thing any day. We are SO glad to be over this thing.

Our little glowworm...

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Lori said...

He looks so cute wrapped like a burrito (what we call swaddled babies) and plugged in! Haha. Glad you are finished with all of that.