Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Scotts in Spring

As Spring has sprung upon us, I am:
36(almost 37) weeks and counting, 1.5 pounds heavier and waddling along. Baby Evan is head down, sitting lower and continues to grow big and with a steady heart rate. Notice the bulging belly button below; it reminds me of a cake rising in the oven or some kind of "ding!" done cooking type signal, haha. Popping buttons aside, I do love this picture of my boys :-)
In other Spring joys, I am loving the special Spring Oreo's and explosion of pastels now lining the grocery store aisles. Piper is also happy to greet Spring and the gorgeous dog park weather it brings. We've been twice in the past week and have had a dog gone good time(we told him to soak it up for now while he's still our furry firstborn!)
Last but not least, Spring has brought a nice close to our congested calenders.Praise God we are finally getting over this "busy" bump we've been whirling through this past month. It seems like every weekend since Febrary has been packed full-with work, school, church events, weddings and doctor's appointments squished in between. Chris has been especially busy lately learning and adjusting to his new job, planing and playing music for a disciple now youth weekend w/a local church, and finishing up his last online class at Southeastern.

On my front, I've been increasingly exhausted baking baby Evan while continuing to work full time and organize all of the details of his arrival-financial, work-wise, nesting and all. Thankfully after our own church's "God Revealed" conference this week and the Spring Festival next weekend, we have blank calendars for a long time-hallelujah(you know, aside from having a baby and all)! Being busy is good, but right now we are ready for a good breather :-) Especially in this beautiful Spring season!

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BoldLion said...

Love all this! Glad for spring but I am not looking for summer heat. I will be looking forward for Fall time.

I am also looking forward to hold Evan for the first time. He will be very special in every way too.

I am glad for Piper too.

The Lord is so good!

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion