Tuesday, March 30, 2010

37 Weeks and Counting Down!

Carseat? Check!

Crib? Check!

Pediatrician? Check!

Hospital pre-registration? Check!

At 37 weeks we have been given the official green light and are ready to go...well, as ready as you can be anyways. After my doctor's appointment yesterday it looks like everything is going-or should I say growing-according to schedule. I was infinitely relived to hear that I tested negative for the Group B strep, and am thus spared the few rounds of IV antibiotics prior to delivery. Praise God!

On the downside, I feel like a whale this week and the scale agrees! In just one week I jumped 4 pounds from 132 to 136....believe me I had to double take as well. Apparently though it's all swelling, and alot of it! Though I'm showing signs of some early edema(plus 1-2) around my feet and ankles, my blood pressure and proteins look great so it's not concerning at this point. Other than that, and adding some extra iron to my diet & daily vitamin regimen, we are golden.

Aside from the normal diagnostics, this appointment took on another tone as we talked about labor signs, on call doctor rotations, and other housekeeping issues like what we have packed for the hospital and carseat safety. Just as Spring has come there is another sweet change in the air these days-baby is definitely on the way!

37 Week Stats:

Baby's heartrate-140's to 150's and very healthy
Weight gain-4 pounds, 1 week...that's a record for sure!
Milestones-Hitting the "full term" 37 week mark...just a few weeks now and we'll be a family of three-plus our Piper of course. :-) Stretch marks have made their un-glorious debut and I'm feeling beyond uncomfortable by the day's end. Sleep...let's not even go there. However, the end is in sight and we can't believe April has come so soon!

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