Tuesday, March 9, 2010

34 Week Brief

Knocking on wood, everything continues to look great. At 34 weeks, I'm feeling alright, definitely more tired at the end of the day and officially sporting the "waddle" walk at work(in case you were wondering, it's not as cute as a baby duck's waddle). Evan is moving around a ton, and thankfully has finally maneuvered himself into the correct head down position-hopefully he stays this way! The 34 week appointment was blissfully uneventful-and though we were dealt some pretty shocking news regarding the hospital bill to come-we continue to be grateful for a healthy pregnancy and growing baby. Here are the latest stats:

Baby's heart rate-150
Weight gain-We've officially breached the 130's people! That's about 2.5 pounds since the last appointment 3 weeks ago. Chris says it's nothing but baby weight, somehow I think it's the brownies...
Milestones this week-Feeling baby hiccups, having massive caffeine cravings, and sleeping much less. Also, we are officially on the 2 week schedule for our ob appointments and after next time will be going every week-reality is sinking in!

Speaking of caffeine-and no, I haven't completely abstained-I am in love with Mickey D's new Caramel Frappe's! Yummo-they are out of this world amazing! In fact, things may get a bit out of hand once Evan arrives and I'm not so weary of my daily caffeine count-I'm already plotting our side-trip on the way home from Rex...


pastor justin said...

After reading this post, I remembered seeing a coupon for a free Carmel Frappe. I'm enjoying it right now!

BoldLion said...

I do make Carmel Frappe at work.

I am glad that all is doing well with you all.

I just can't wait to meet Evan when he comes.

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion