Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here, there, everywhere!

The takeover has begun. Slowly but surely all things baby have invaded the Scott household. A welcome change, but a change nonetheless. Things like...

More laundry to fold-I'm basking in the cuteness for now!More clutter-Even Evan's room is getting a little cluttered-fortunately Piper is keeping close watch over the misc. toys and things.More home makeovers-Our formal guest bath upstairs is beginning to look less and less "adult" and will soon get a kid friendly makeover. For now, the whale tub and it's many hooded towels and bath toys will have to sit tight.
More stuff-Chris and I LOVE this bouncer. It's super soft and colorful, plays our ipods, vibrates, and also complements our living area very nicely! It's currently sitting by the couch; not pictured is the stroller parked on the opposite side of the living room. On the horizon, we'll have to find some space for a high chair eventually, and how could I forget...the take-a-long swing!
Obviously a change is a comin'! While I just love our new shared space, I can't wait to break free of this townhome living! For now, I'm thoroughly enjoying the new and exciting baby things -here, there and everywhere :-)


Lori said...

I LOVE that bouncy-- so stylish! And let me just say that whoever thought to have the ipods hook up deserves a cookie . . . because that is way better than the annoying electronic nursery rhyme music that exudes from all of our "keep baby happy" apparatus!

Shayna said...

Fun times!! I'm enjoying all the baby updates. And I agree with Lori - That is awesome that you can hook your iPod up to the bouncy. Who would've thought?!