Monday, December 7, 2009

Nice and Rosy and Comfy Cozy are we...

Complete with pink cheeks and hot chocolate, I’m happy to finally note a hint of Christmas in the NC air lately. Without a doubt Christmastime is my favorite time of the year. I just love decorating the tree, hanging wreaths, wrapping presents and curling ribbon. I love Christmas music and ringing bells, hark the herald angels sing and Charlie Brown specials. Jingle bells and shiny decoration aside, I more than anything love the spirit of joy, thanksgiving and noel that this advent season brings. :-)

If I believed in past lives, I have always said that I would have been a Christmas elf. What a fun job! Elf shoes aside though, we have both been busy busy getting ready for the holidays and closer on the horizon-Chris’ graduation! We are officially under two weeks and counting and it is crunch time! This weekend I checked a huge bullet off of my Christmas to do and sent out our Christmas cards-so much fun! We also enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner with one of my groups at work(the first of many holiday dinners this month!), and Chris and I even found a few hours on Sunday for some much needed Christmas power shopping before another long night of power paper writing(for Chris that is, baby and I went to bed early!).

In baby news, I am 21 weeks today, and feeling great. Sure, it’s harder to squeeze out of the car these days in the too tight parking spaces at work, and yes, maybe I am feeling a bit “doughy” lately, but all things considered-so far so good. Oh, and don't even get me started on that "pregnancy brain" thing, man have I got it bad! On another note, I'm sorry to say that the holidays have given license to my out of control snacking and vanilla coke cravings, so I’m putting myself on a serious water, fruit and healthy living like regimen this week! Poor eating habits aside, baby boy certainly seems to be growing like crazy, and should be packing some fat on his bones now that he can officially swallow and digest directly from the umbilical cord. In other developmental news, hair! I’m hoping to see a few sprouts on his tiny head at our upcoming ultrasound this Friday. But first, we’ve got a birthday to celebrate on Thursday-happy early birthday Chris!

And that’s all for now folks, many more random updates to come :-).

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