Monday, November 30, 2009

A Manic Monday & 20 Week Stats

I had my 20 week apt. this morning, a few days early thanks to my snuffly sinus' and suddenly strange and mysterious rash outbreak. Three hours, two new appointments, one extra co-pay and a new dermatoligist later, it turns out that A)My head cold turned sinus infection is well on it's way out the door and B) The rash which was first suspected to be Shingles was demoted to severe hives. An exciting Monday morning to say the least :/

The best news is that baby boy remains active and healthy. Here are the 20 week stats:

Weight Gain-2 pounds! Up to 114 and counting now
BP-80/49 (A normal dip for the second trimester)
Baby's heartrate-149
Milestones-We 98% sure that we have found the perfect name for this little guy, and I am 100% excited about it. And name games aside, perhaps the most important milestone is that we've officially reached the halfway point!

According to my babycenter updates, the little man is likely the length of a bannana, and just under a pound. From here on out he'll grow like a weed, and I'll be piling on the pounds myself!


BoldLion said...

What a day you had!

I do hope that you will be feeling a lot better soonest which is soon!

I can't wait to learn what his name is going to be!

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion

d said...
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