Monday, December 14, 2009

22 Week Update and Pictures!

Here is our baby boy at 21 weeks, now 22. I can’t believe were already past the halfway point!
Thankfully, he looks great, is growing nicely and is developmentally on track. It was amazing to see him squirm around in there so much, the u/s tech said he was a “busy boy.” And definitely a boy at that! I won’t post his “boy parts” picture here to avoid future embarrassment, lol, but needless to say they were 100% on the mark and are totally sure that we will be basking in blue. :-)
At 22 weeks, he looks like a miniature newborn and is growing more distinct features(as you can tell by his cute little profile). He’s getting little baby and adult tooth buds in his gums, and working hard developing his pancreas. His eyes and eyelids are completely formed but still lacking pigment, and as I mentioned before is getting very active.

With Christmas around the corner and many new things on the horizon, I know this next half is just going to FLY by.

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