Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Reel 09'

Unfortunately bubbleshare is no more, so until I find a new slideshow application... please enjoy this nice long holiday ream of pictures! Chris, Piper and I shared a wonderful Christmas in Goldsboro this year with my family, followed by a visit with our PA clan and Chris' dad in Durham. Here is just a small sampling of our favorite shots of the season:
Me and the sis bright eyed on Christmas morning.
Ooooo I just love that sweet puppy face! Of course no Christmas is complete without new kitchen accesories. I just love my new apron and many new kitchen additions-food processor and all :-) Notice the big ol' belly!
The little one even got some gifts on Christmas morning! Thanks Grandma :-)
Pictured below is an after Christmas dinner at the delicous California Pizza Kitchen with Chris' family below, followed by a nice visit with Chris' dad and just one more front porch picture. :-)

We are so thankful for the many blessings we've had this Christmas and praise God for 2009 as we anxiously anticipate the new year.


Shayna said...

Sweet, it looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! :) And I agree, kitchen accessories make great gifts... your new apron is cute, cute, cute. :)

Jen said...

cute! and you'll be LONGING for that "big" belly in a couple months! live it up :)

Kim said...

Rebecca, I've used www.slide.com since Bubbleshare is gone. You can add songs to your slideshow but I've found it to be annoying to keep hearing the same song upon viewing my blog until that post is off the screen. You can make a show without using a song. Just a suggestion. Happy New Year!