Monday, February 2, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

This weekend was jam packed! Chris' mom and sister came down for a few days, giving me just the push I needed to "mini-makeover" our guest room. On Saturday we celebrated Chris' dear grandpa's birthday over lunch at Chilis, and then Chris got in some quality shopping time with mom and sis; I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately so opted to stay home and keep the pup company. On Sunday we had a full day planned in Wilson. After a great morning at Church, we spent the afternoon with the Carpenters eating delicious spaghetti and sewing some o-so-cute pillowcase dresses(Chris brought the Wii and was perfectly content to play with the kiddos while us women sewed:)). Oh, and I discovered the wonder that is the rotary cutter! As soon as I get my next Michael's coupon, I'm there!

Did I mention that we brought Piper? To Wilson...all day! Because we knew that we wanted to go to our Church's superbowl party that night, we couldn't well leave him at home ALL DAY and miss out on all the fun. He had such a busy day, and enjoyed running around outside, playing tag(Piper was mostly the one being chased) with the kids, and meeting some new doggie friends. I am sooo proud of our puppy! And also so grateful to church family that did'nt mind putting up with him ;)

The superbowl party was definitely the highlight of the weekend, due mostly to the fantastic food and fellowship(football what?). I'm not a huge sports fan, but cookie cakes and barbecue chips win the game anyday in my book! We were so exhausted when we got home that we couldn't stay up for the much anticipated "Office" special-thank goodness for DVR! (We watched it this afternoon, and it was pretty hilarious).

I'm looking forward to sleeping in this Saturday! A full weekend is always a good one, but lazy one's are great too!

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jeanna said...

I totally understand about wanting to sleep in on Saturday. It is great for me when I get to sometimes.