Monday, February 9, 2009

Another Post for Piper

Last week we received a flyer from Petsmart announcing a big Grand Opening event at their new location in Knightdale. Of course, we were there at 9:20 9am sharp for the big event. To our surprise we weren't the only ones... luckily we had beautiful weather to enjoy while we waited.
Piper was sooo good in line with all of the people and other puppy dogs. He got some yummy treats, free toys-including his first frisbee(I'm wondering why spellcheck wants me to capitalize "frisbee?")- and his picture taken. I was so proud that he didn't get into any spats with the many other pets there, and was happy to call him a good and social puppy(for that morning anyways, lol!)

Alas his initial excitement came to an end, and he was down for the count and ready to go...until the food aisle that is. I can't wait to give him the special doggie "cupcakes" that Chris and I got him for Valentines day :)
The rest of our Saturday was full of coupon saving, grocery shopping, lunch out(using the last of our restaurant gift cards from Christmas), a haircut and a matinee, topped off with some enlightening episodes of "Top Chef" and a touch of laundry. Good day.

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Thanks, Rebecca! What a cute website :)