Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not-so-serious lunchtime musings on "career day"

I often have some seriously introspective and sometimes awesome thoughts while waiting in drive-throughs on my lunch break. After watching a frazzled Bojangles worker, standing outside taking orders(you know the "human drive through order taker guy")-ringing them up with small calculater and transmiting them via cell phone-I started to think about "jobs." Specifically good jobs, and not so good ones...

Please note that this list is completely subjective, and that all jobs really are good ones because "work" in itself is a valuable virtue, any which way it comes.

Not so good jobs:

1. Drive through order taker at fast food restaurants, during lunch time.
2. Cable Installer
3. Bulk mail entry unit postal workers-I see these guys weekly and do not envy them!
4. State fair employee(its a toss up between candy bar fryer and "guess my age" guy)
5. Any type of road work/traffic control

Really cool jobs:

1. The person that designs the seasonal/holiday google banners
2. Book jacket designer(a friend recently suggested this, and I can't think of a whole lot of jobs that top it)
3. Writer on creative writing team for "Lost" (can we say job security, lol!)
4. Pastry Chef-either professional cake maker, or bread baker-with a different apron for every day of the week
5. Children's librarian
6. Lunch lady

In the real world, I'm currently putting my PR degree to good use in the marketing field. For now it's Real Estate, but I would someday LOVE to shift into the health care arena- community relations, cancer outreach, special events-or mommyhood and full-time homemaker of course, now THAT really is a dream job!

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