Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Adventures

...Running late, and pleasantly surprised to find a frost free windshield to greet me on my morning commute.

Once at work I warm up with a good, creamy cup of coffee, and am overjoyed to find a box of Dunkin Donut holes in the work room not long after.

I read briefly about Joshua and the Ammorites, before submitting our newspaper ad for the week.

For lunch I went to Moe’s, where I slowly snacked on my appetizing Power Wagon and read “Wuthering Heights” amidst the miles of lunchtime gossip.

I had to wait in line to put gas in my car, but was thankful for the extra time to read a page or two more.

On the way back to work I encountered the dreaded “roadwork” and was again stalled…but again, happy for another opportunity to turn the pages of the Linton-Earnshaw history.

A few fliers, deadlines met, weekend chats and bad copy machine encounters later, I am homebound. I can't wait to greet my happy puppy and hungry husband!

What’s for dinner you ask? A newbie…introducing the Southwestern Chicken Tostada Salad, courtesy of I’ll let you know how many stars that one wins.

Next, I'm making a cake-but wait! Due to the portended snow(WRAL reads “The heaviest snowfall predicted in the Triangle), my cake plans have been put off for one more night. I’m baking the cake for a baby shower here at work, and am so excited to decorate it! Unfortunately, we’ve rescheduled the shower for a day later in light of the impending snow. What will I do now?

Jon and Kate plus 8, a Monday night favorite.

Oh how wonderful it would be to have a snow day tomorrow and do nothing but lick cake batter and make icing all day long! Cheers to snow!

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