Saturday, August 13, 2016

Low Sugar Day 2-On Artificial and Natural Sugars

Day 2:
I started off today with an omelet and side of strawberries for breakfast. Since I enjoy eggs, this was no hurdle for me; it was delicious. To be clear here, I'm giving strawberries the stamp of approval because, like all fruits, they are what you call "natural sugars." That is, whole foods found in nature and providing good nutrition for your body.  Over this next week I plan to eat a lot of fruits to get my sweet fix the healthy way. 
What you won't catch me eating is anything made with artificial sugars. These go by the names of aspartame,  sucralose and so on, and are the trademark of most anything prefixed by "diet". While the jury may still be out here, I'm of the strong opinion that these artificial sugars are much more damaging than the real thing, and that it is much better to consume good ol' refined sugar in moderation over regularly putting those artificial sugars in your body. In this department I've done a "splendid"(hehe) job over the past few years because I've always preferred the real thing over that diet-y taste.

In summary: Natural sugars=fruit/whole foods=good for you. Artificial sugars=thumbs down.

That said, there are a host of sugar "substitutes" that are natural. I found this helpful chart online:
Did you know Blue Agave nectar comes from the same plant Tequila is made from?
It's come to my attention that I drink most of my sugars. As an alternative, I'm trying to get my tastebuds around healthy teas, sweetened with agave nectar and milk instead of sugar and cream.

It's actually really good, and at this point I'll take anything over more water! Side effect #1-I'm may or may not be a little cranky about the H2O. I knew going into this that drinking water almost exclusively could be my biggest hurdle-ding ding. I'm guilty of spreading coffee, juice, sweet tea and the occasional soda over my everyday, and have long known that a good piece of my calorie pie can be contributed to the liquid drinks. That said, I'm open to any ideas that would spice up my boring drink game(and yes, I do put lemon in my water to flavor it). Please, fire away!

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