Monday, July 20, 2015

First days-Kindergarten!!!

It happened. Today in the life of Scott family stories marks a huge milestone-the beginning of our homeschooling journey. I'm excited beyond words to embark on this adventure with my biggest boy, and looking forward to seeing him learn and grow as he rocks out Kindergarten.
 We did a lot of fun "first day" activities that I hope will stick out for future traditions, starting with a super special breakfast(thanks to the hubs for running out to Panera for muffins and bagels!).

As I plan to structure most days, we worked on our "3 R's" in the morning(Reading, wRiting and aRithmatic). After lunch and a short quiet time we came back together for an art project and fun science experiment, both of which enforced our monthly unit study "Under the Sea."
Shark Art(sideways)

We found this awesome science project via Pinterest(click pic for link). I can't even express how  thankful I am for the wealth of *free* resources available on the internet now.

Oh, and I should also mention we enjoyed "recess" at the pool-just one perk of doing school year round in July. 
I hope to document our homeschool days as best as I can, so stay tuned for blogs of a more school-y shade. Kindergarten day 1 is in the books!

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Gara Pollock said...

I love Evan's shark art!