Thursday, July 30, 2015

First Field Trip and Baby Update

Today we took to the big city for our first real field trip and my OB check up for baby #3. We started the day with a visit to one of our favorite libraries, and ended with rainbow sherbet from Baskin Robbins-the boys declared together that it was the "best day ever!!" (As an aside, we have a lot of those lol!)

First stop-the library. After filling our backpacks to the brim with new books to explore (mostly dinosaur related) we enjoyed an awesome storytime program. Aren't these kiddo librarians just about the most energetic, colorful bunch you've ever seen? Engaged kids= thankful me!
From the library and after a quick detour to Kohls, we made our way to a favorite family lunch spot-Pei Wei! I was bound and determined to have it at some point during my birthday week. As usual it did not disappoint, and I'm happy to report that Evan's chopstick skills are improving with each visit. :-)

Thankfully, my doctor's visit was mostly uneventful-just what you want to hear! This was just a routine check up and we were in and out within 20 minutes-praise the Lord. I'm measuring right on schedule(surprisingly), my blood pressure is great, the scale is tipping and little boys heart is beating strong. So far the boys have been to every baby appointment with me, and really enjoy listening to baby brother's heartbeat each time. For myself I'm definitly getting a bit more uncomfortable at this point, and have already begun to experience the lower back and pelvic pain that I *feel like* should be reserved for those last few days and weeks. Ahh the joys of pregnancy round three!

Bennett still thinks it's time for the baby to come out of my tummy every time we go to a doctor's office. I can only imagine how exciting it'll be for him when we can finally say "YES, we're having the baby today."
Our OB's office is just down the street from the NC Art museum, so I couldn't resist planning a trip! I looked online before hand and found this really fun "Tour in a Tote" feature for kids, and knew it would be there perfect guide to our little field trip. The website describes the tote as "A free lending resource for young visitors to explore works of art in the permanent collection through kid-friendly, interactive prompts."
Evan was especially interested in the Egyptian section, but nothing caught his eye quite like this painting of the revolutionary heroes. It was his favorite of the whole museum and I have to say I'm impressed with his taste.

Bennett found himself at home in the colorful modern art section. At one point here Evan made quite the face at one exhibit in particular(a pile of broken glass on a giant serving tray) saying "that's not art...that's a mess." I couldn't help but laugh, he's definitely my budding realist.
To top off our long day we stopped by Baskin Robbins on the way home. I was secretly craving some rainbow sherbert, and didn't think the boys would mind the stop. Talk about cool points.
And now that the day is done and I've got two tired boys tucked into bed, it's time finish off that leftover birthday cake...

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