Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Baby reveals and beach boys

A few weeks ago we celebrated baby #3 with a fun gender reveal pinata. Turns out the pinata was a stubborn one and took quite the beating before the candy fell. It was actually pretty hilarious, and I think everyone enjoyed their (many) turns at bat. The news has been out for a while now but to debut it here on the blog-it's a BOY!!!!
For those that have offered their condolences(yes, even you well meaning cashiers at Target), let me declare proudly that are very excited to welcome another bouncing boy into our family. Every baby is a blessing, and we are so so thankful for this healthy, growing little gift. In Evan's words, "Brother's day is going to be AWESOME now!!!"

In recent baby news, he is so active lately and often keeps me awake with his not so tiny kicks. I can hardly believe we're past the half way marker, though my belly happily reminds me! Baby boy also has a name now but we are waiting a bit to reveal it as the battle for his middle name continues to wage on.

A few days after our fun pinata party the boys and I braved the sharks and spent a few fun days at the beach with my family.  My sister and nephew have been in town from Texas and we have loved sharing sweet times with them! The boys really loved the beach this summer. Evan was especially brazen in the water, my true beach bum at heart Bennett turned into quite the sandman, and all the littles enjoyed digging for sand crabs with Aunt Sami. Thanks to high tides and an super wide sandbar, the boys even had a few surfing lessons from Poppy!
A shout out to Gigi and Poppy for bringing us all to the beach to make these fun memories-and special thanks to the sharks for staying away!

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