Monday, July 16, 2012

The big five!

I cannot believe our sweet Benny-Roo is now FIVE months old. Pure. Disbelief.

Bennett is a happy baby. He is beautiful, full of smiles, and adores his big brother. With an easy going, content and laid back disposition, this little man is pretty flexible with his schedule and takes his seat "along for the ride" in stride.

At the ripe young age of five months, Bennett has just recently incorporated peas and sweet potatoes a la mommy into his diet. As far as sleeping goes, he's a bit of a stinker and favors shorter naps and midnight meals. But, who could complain with a face like this?
I was just recently looking through not-so-old baby pictures and videos of Evan and was awestruck at how much he's changed. He's such a big boy now! I want to savor my sweet boys in all seasons of life. There is something magical about sweet baby rolls, tiny toes, first laughs and "squishy" snuggles. I LOVE this stage.

My blogs may be shorter and farther between. My hair is not always freshly washed and certainly not blow dried. Sleep is not ideal. The house? Pause for laughter..

It's all but a small tradeoff for peek-a-toes with my boys, who are both growing up so fast. Stay my babies forever why don't you?

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