Sunday, July 1, 2012

Budding brothers

Just for fun, here are some side by side pictures of our two boys. Same age, same outfit, very different look! Evan is on the left in all of the following pics with Benny to the right.

This is around 1-2 months-both boys are chunk-a-roos! Bennett had a lot more hair back then, and much darker at that. Apparently, goofy camera faces run in the family.
This picture on the right below is from Evan's birthday party, hence the Pablo mask. What a cute penguin Bennett makes! One notable difference here is that Bennett is a paci baby, see his cute clip?
Both of the boys started baby cereal at the same age. Evan sits pretty in his brand new highchair, while-true to his second child nature-Bennett keeps its real in the Bumbo on top of our breakfast table.
At 4 months the biggest difference I see in these boys is their eyes. Evan has daddy's deliciously deep chocolate brown eyes, while Bennett takes after me with a hazel mix of blue and green. Their eye shape is quite different as well.
Another not so subtle difference I spot is their skin. In the picture above you can see that Evan's eczema and dry skin issues started very early in the crooks of his elbows. Thankfully Bennett seems to have different skin altogether, though is sporting a nice drool rash at the moment. ;-)

Looking at these pictures, I'm blown away at how very distinct these budding brothers are in their own looks. And, I can't help but notice that Bennett has already changed SO much. On a related note, I'm happy to report that Evan is noticing the changes as well and has taken to hugging and kissing his baby brother, helping retrieve fallen pacis and passing wipes for diaper changes. He's always been a great big brother, but we were missing the "interaction" for a while, which I think is typical for boys. In any case, I just LOVE seeing them enjoy one another-melt my mommy's heart! This is my first "brothers" label I've posted under in my blog....can't wait for more!

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