Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On the last day of July...

(Or, as it were, the first day of August)
What's July made of? Sunscreen, summer fun, playdates galore and oh, did I mention birthday cake?

Let's start our tour de July with Amanda's rockin' rad 80's party. No need to adjust your screen, that really is neon pink!
Next, we beat the heat with creative, inside playdates. Here are some out takes from our trip to the Rocky Mount science museum. Boy was it hot that day! I thank God daily for the modern miracle that is air conditioning.
And because I can't lug by camera alongside by diaper bag 24/7, here's what the IPhone caught...
Kid's summer movies, sandboxes and water tables
Porch and pool play, Piper's first cut a la mommy, and a little boys first watergun
The highlight of July was most definitely our weekend getaway to the beach to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.
We stayed at a gorgeous hotel on the beach. While Evan was a sand shark, he preferred the pool water over the waves of the beach. He is a fish and surprised us both with his love of and boldness in the pool. I spy him in the left corner of this picture below, he was a big fan of jumping off the side!
A trip to Ripley's aquarium at Broadway on the Beach.
No doubt Bennett has a laid back beachy personality himself and was a trooper over our whirlwirnd weekend.
And last but not least, we closed out July with a visit from Grandma and lots of heaven sent vanilla buttercream...
but more on that later. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Ah you have joined me in the 27 club! You did a great cut on Piper too! Chloe's cuts a la mommy aren't as nice ;). Jessica