Friday, July 6, 2012

A foodie problem-share your solution!

Let's get right to it.  My two year old is super poopy. Literally. Solid #2's are a blue moon miracle around here, and every day is full of explosive, mushy, all over the place diarrhea diapers. This is not normal. And as one can imagine, a no doubt huge stumbling block to potty training. Not to mention, it's incredibly frustrating and-ahem-gross! Food allergies and sensitivities commonly go hand in hand with eczema kids, so he very likely is dealing with a GI issue-or so they say.  So logically, it looks like food is the first place to start making changes. As an aside, this is no new book we're reading here. But with potty training on the horizon, I'm newly motivated to make some lasting changes in his diet. I feel like I do a lot as far as cooking good meals, looking for better snacks and getting him excited about different foods. But unfortunately, the results are just not there.

So before we ditch the diapers, we have got to do something about this very poopy problem.

Let's be honest here, healthy eating is somewhat of an abstract idea for me. Shopping for gluten free/allergy friendly foods can be so incredibly intimidating and is either insanely expensive or just plain impracticable for daily living with two small children. It's kind of like window shopping in a very high end, boutique children's store where everything is ah-dorable but not at all complementary to a toddler's life and certainly too expensive for a ketchup stain. Am I likening organic foods to a "peaches n cream" dress? If the brownie box is $6, then yes. ;-) (No offense to you foodie types, I'm just teasing and SO jealous of your spinach shakes haha!)

I'm not trying to jump off the deep end here, but am simply looking to make small, "doable" changes to move towards a less processed, more whole foodie lifestyle complete with solid #2's for my favorite 2 year old.

This morning while brainstorming my grocery list and weekly meal plan, I come across a seemingly great website on the subject. This was a mama's blog, not unlike many others, on healthy eating. It boasted a list of the most "fun and easy" kid and allergy friendly snacks. Toasted pumpkin seeds and apple butter on rice cakes made the top five. Really? I mean, bravo to this lady, but I'm not sure my daily diapering schedule allows for such snack solutions. And what I mean by that is, it does'nt. Add to that, given the choice between fruit snacks and sesame oil marinated edamame, I'm pretty sure my two year old is going to take the fruit snacks, hands down. Especially when they come in the shapes of character's from "Finding Nemo." Touche Kelloggs!
(Seriously, how long did this take to put together?)
The odds stacked against me are this-ease of preparation(no flour mill), expense, and a two year old pickypants. So, I need some help, some tried and true tips! Even google has failed me. GOOGLE! I'm not looking to go completely gluten free here, but rather to do things like buy more fruit instead of fruit snacks. Rice chex and honey nut cheerios I can do-that's the sort of thing I need. Please share any advice and healthy food wisdom you have to offer. Pinterest pins welcome! No dairy please. Looking forward to your tips!


Crystal @ A Well-Feathered Nest said...

I can totally feel you when it comes to looking at the internet for "healthy" snack ideas. Everyone has a different idea of what exactly hat means, and some of the blogs out there make it seem like we need to camp out in the kitchen all day.

I don't have any advice about the poopy issues except that it might be helpful to do an elimination diet at some point, but (personally) I would exhaust all other measures first.

Could it be that maybe your little guy might to get more fiber? I remember how tough it was to get toddlers to eat things other than exactly what they wanted to eat.

At our house, we do lots of fruit (apples, bananas, grapes, melons, berries, whatever) for snacks. We also eat a ton of carrots, so I usually keep some in the fridge. I chop a bunch into sticks all at once, so they are ready to go. And somehow my kids love steamed broccoli, so we eat it a lot for dinner because it's quick and easy to fix. My youngest also loved sweet potatoes, so when he was younger, I would bake a big batch of them, and then I'd freeze them in those silicone muffin cups. This made it easy to thaw a bit for lunch or whatever.

It seems hard for me to think of other ideas because we do a lot of nuts, popcorn, and other things that probably wouldn't be best for a toddler. Oooh, have you tried hummus? Don't know if he might like that.

I do make some snacks from scratch like granola, mini muffins, healthier cookies, and those ball-type snacks that seem to be all over Pinterest lately. I have a recipe that uses dates and chopped peanuts for the base that I've made for a year or two, and my kiddos love those.

I'll be interested to see what other ideas you get!

Shayna said...

Off the top of my head:
Diced apple dipped in natural peanut butter
Veggies and hummus
Larabars - they are so good and they have a variety of flavors
Fruit smoothies

I'll write when I think of more. :)

Pam Bunn said...

We eliminated egg for Charlie and it did the trick. The tough part is that egg is in more than you think. Eliminating egg also helped his excema... it's the first time in over a year I've had under control and not all scabbed over. Still thinking about pushing allergy testing since "they" say most young children outgrow excema around 2 and Charlie is 2 1/2 now and the problem just gets worse...