Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Whirlwind

This weekend was a busy one! And, tonight is a busy night. So, I'm afraid I have little words to lend this blog, and will instead be happy with pictures and captions. Enjoy!

It all started with steak...It was wonderful to end the week with a delicious dinner courtesy of Chris' new grill. How nice it was to enjoy dinner, music, our little family and the heavy rain while eating in front of our large kitchen window. It's been raining quite a bit these past few days, and I've felt so refreshed because of it, enjoying every bit of pitter patter and soft splats from that behind that wide open window.
On Saturday morning we went to the "Got to be NC" festival at the fairgrounds in Raleigh. Evan was smitten with the goats and other friendly farm animals.
You can't spell North Carolina without tractor-
or truck...
Before leaving Raleigh we headed to the farmers market and made a quick stop down 401 for some townhouse business. That afternoon I had the pleasure of a yummy Olive Garden lunch with my mom followed by a leisurely, kid free time at my new favorite place, Hobby Lobby. I am SO excited that Wilson now has a craft store, and an ahhh-hmazing one at that. If you've never been to one before, just think if Michaels and Joann fabrics got married and had a very large, multi-talented, super creative, metal sign loving baby. Yes, that's Hobby Lobby for you! It's a crafty mom's paradise. :-) Anyways, back to the post! After our little excursion Chris and I took the boys to a friends birthday celebration and then spent the rest of the afternoon-or what was left of it-wrestling with a two year old and a ceiling fan.

Sunday morning began with church as usual and ended with our much anticipated church picnic. Despite the rain, everyone had a great time. And, praise God, my dessert was a success!   
And now, the laundry beckons...better get back to it!

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