Saturday, May 26, 2012

Milestone-First Haircut!

Today Evan recieved his first ever hair cut. To celebrate this monumental milestone, we took him to a special kids place called "Snippet's" in Brier Creek, and we were not disappointed! He did miles better than I thought he would, and sat happily-for the most part-while his sweet baby locks were snipped for the very first time.

Blinding bright colors greeted us at the door...
Everything was super kiddo friendly, and made for a pleasant, meltdown free experience. Thankfully, none of the worst case scenario's I had built up in my head surrounding this moment came to fruition. No kicking and screaming in sight. Instead, we had a great first haircut!
Being the brave big boy he is, Evan sat still for most of the time. Truth be told, Chris and I were the nervous ones! Entertained by an animal cracker dispenser, a firetruck, a lollipop and a bottle of bubbles, he barely noticed as his lovely locks fell to the ground. Surprisingly, he didn't even pay much attention to the cartoon playing for him; I gotta hand it to them, that place knows what it's doing!
He even got a prize at the end! Not to mention this adorable keepsake certificate. Our handsome boy is growing up so fast! His newly trimmed "surfer do" is just perfect. Of course, we didn't let her have too much of his hair, but are very happy with his new clear line of vision and cleaned up look. I dare anyone to mistake him for a girl now haha!
Afterwards we treated our trimmed up boy to a cupcake. It was delicious, and the perfect "icing on the cake" if you will to a great afternoon. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Wow...they should have had something around like that when you had your first cut! He does look very handsome, and his mom looks very fetching in her blue dress.