Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame

"Pllaayyy ball!" Our second Carolina Mudcats game with our church care group was a blast.
Evan was surprisingly engrossed in the action-dare I say he enjoyed the game almost as much as his dollar dog! 
Pastor Justin caught a ball at the very beginning of the game. Above Miss Anna is posing pretty with it, and here below Evan shows it off-to everyone except the camera lol! It was passed around the kids for a while but ended up with Evan, and later Muddy Mudcat even signed it-talk about a lucky ball! (Justin would you like this one back? Let us know and we'll get it to you!)
Best family picture yet, and proof that Benny bear was there!
The weather was a catch 22...rainy but with an amazing afternoon breeze. Because of the rain and bedtime, we ended up leaving pretty early but enjoyed every minute of our time there. Already looking forward to next time! No doubt our life with boys will bring many more baseball caps and ball games.

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