Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dear April

Dearest April,
Where has the month gone? Home buying and toddler totting has all but eatin you up! At the start of the month, having found our new home sweet home, we were in the very beginning process of applying for a loan and knew we were in for a long, nail biting 30 days of paperwork, appointments, phone calls and "please sign heres."

Alongside of preparing to move and packing, I've also been busy getting our Raleigh townhome ready for a new renter. More contracts, emails trails and countless calls back and forth to our favorite Raleigh realtor (not to mention miles!).

And amidst the home crazyiness, our two boys have kept us capitol "B" busy! Evan turned two on April 25th, and Bennett has grown into quite a smiley, wide eyed two month old. Because of the moving whirlwind, we're planning on having Evan's birthday party in a few weeks.  We celebrated his actual birthday with Chick-fil-a(on "all you can eat nugget night" no less), a Nemo cupcake from Harris Teeter and the best present ever-his first little four wheeler! This boy was born to ride(and eat cupcakes).
So April, we have been busy living life with you. We thought you were going to drag on forever, but in fact we blinked and are left wondering where in the world you went. Here's to a month well worn! Now, lets bring on the May flowers. :-)

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