Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thirteen Months

Time for an Evan update! At 13 months old, Evan is a walkin', backyardagains watchin', pillow pet packin',  diaper demolishing, toddeling machine. He takes two naps a day, and sleeps sweetly through the night with a smooth 7:30pm bedtime.
He has 7 teeth and a grizzly's appetite. Blueberries are his new favorite fruit, with bananas taking a close second. He eats most table foods now, and still gets his fair share of baby foods. Because dairy is not a part of his diet currently, he has grown to l.o.v.e his vanilla almond milk and it's starting to show-in his neck rolls that is. :-)
He is a charmer and loves to interact with and watch other kiddos, most notably those in pink. In this mama's opinion, he has the most adorable scrunchy smile in the world, and throws in a good nose wrinkle if you get him going real good! He's super ticklish, but overall just an all around happy, joyful kiddo. And though sensitive at heart,  I do see his skin growing thicker with every new bump and fall that comes with this newfound mobility. Just this past week we got our first skinned knee AND first bruise on the forehead-a true right of passage for any not so baby boy.

Our little man has become Mr. Independent these days, and has made this mama so proud by happily staying in the church and gym childcare's without a fuss! I was beginning to think he'd be my little kangaroo baby forever, but I am so glad to finally see him more comfortable without me at arms reach. He's still quite attached to mommy of course, but I can breath so much easier knowing I can leave him in our nursery or with a friend without pulling on my heart strings too badly!
 Last but not least, he has a lot more to say these days(but don't put him on the spot because he's a bashful boy!). He mostly babbles, but has audibly said "dada," "mamama," "ball," "dog," "Piper(sounds like Pi pu)" and my personal favorite, "moo."  Moreover, I can see he's connecting words to their meanings and is really starting to understand some of what we say. For example, if I ask him to put the keys back in mommy's bag, he'll take them over to my purse and gently drop them in. Or, if we ask him to bring us something, like a toy, he happily obliges and almost always picks the correct item. All with a BIG grin on his face. It's so fun as a parent to have a front row seat to this learning process.

Case in point...The other morning I was getting ready to take my boys on our routine morning walk-just after I took Evan down from his highchair I told him that it was time to "go outside and take Piper for a walk." I left for a brief moment to find some shoes and this is what I found when I came back... smarty pants!
That's 13 months for you-hopefully the next time I get around to a post like this it will be sooner than age two haha! We've got a busy summer ahead of us and I can't wait to see what new adventures await us at 14, 15 and 16 months. Oh my!

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Shayna said...

Such a sweet update! Glad to hear things are going well, Rebecca!! :)