Friday, June 17, 2011


by a cookbook...
and a local farmer's market
to shop on the edge-of the grocery store that is!

On the menu next week are lots of homeade dinners full of fresh fruits and veggies. I'm newly motivated to give this whole healthy cooking thing another spin, and open my tastebuds to new and differant foods. Familiar story? Sure, we've had our share healthy eating kicks in this house-but this time, I'd really like a few things to stick! Because

1. I want Evan to grow up eating good, healthy foods and snacks-and a good variety at that.
2. We're responisble to be good stewards of the bodies God gave us!
3. As much as I love Vanilla coke, it does not love my waistline.

So this week I'm making tomato basil and chunky vegetable soups, a slammin' southwestern salad(free of my favorite taco bell seasoning), wraps on wheat, and roasted veggies with grilled chicken on cous cous. Zucchini, yellow squash, and snap beans here we come! And, will power allowing, I'm going to try really hard to snack on fruits instead of fries. Evan's new favorite snack is grape tomatoes, so I'll have to follow his example!

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Lori said...

Can you trust recipes from a chef named Bobo??? Hmmmmm? Haha.