Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blanket buddies

Evan and his blankey are best buds. Our new "can't leave the house without it" object has become his soft, green crib blanket. Slowly but surely he has developed a large and loving attachment for it, and it is all kinds of adorable. :-)
Since we brought him home from the hospital, he as always slept with this soft, sage, polka doted pottery barn blanket. Mommy scored bigtime when the PB Kids store closed at Triangle Town Center, and only wish now that I had bought two!
 He sleeps with, snuggles and totes his blanket around the house. It always brings a smile to his face and brings comfort when needed.
It reminds me of Linus from Charlie Brown, and is downright puppy dog, thumb sucking, ice cream, ooooing ahhhing cute!
Happiness is a warm blanket Charlie Brown.

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