Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A picture tradition

The first year Chris and I went to the fair together, we were just babies, knee deep in the college and playing the dating game. See, I even curled my hair.  :-) We went with my awesome friend Amy, and she took this cute picture of us just outside of the hush puppy corn mill. Little did we know then that this special spot would become our fair photo tradition for years to come.
The next year at the fair we were were engaged(ie-straight hair). As we walked through the hush puppy house I immediately remembered the picture we took that year before. "We have to get another one," I whispered as we made our way through the crowded line.
Year three at the fair, the first as a married couple. Yep, it's official-three times in a row makes it a tradition.
The fourth year, last year in fact, I was 4 months pregnant and just starting to show. It's too bad we didn't get the belly shot! I remember it being much warmer last year and wondering were fall and my hoodies had gone to.

And this year, 2010, we welcomed a new little person into our family photo tradition. 
Each year we've walked the colorful landscape of the fair with new groups of people-the freshly dating, the engaged couple, the (insert myriad of witty adjectives here) newlyweds. Last year Chris was the guy with the slow, pregnant and *possibly whiny* wife, and now we have officially joined the "we packed too much for the stroller to carry, where's the camera, baby in tow,  we're losing shoes" club-and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Looking back at this time capsule of memories and photographs makes me excited to imagine what our family pictures will look like in the years to come. :-)


Shayna said...

This is so neat Rebecca!! :)

Lori said...

I love it!!! And what a wonderful addition!!!

Is it sad that we moved so much early on that our picture tradition is to act out whatever seen is happening on our U-haul (dinosaurs, aliens, motorcycles etc.)? Haha.

Amy K said...

haha.....you are extending the "courtship" a bit in your memories. Ya'll were dating in the first pic, married in the 2nd (I took it too). Remember????