Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bring on the boxes

Wer'e MOVING!!! Sound the bells, hooray hooray! After living in Wake Forest and Raleigh for the past 3 years, we are finally ready to start our lives in Wilson. We recently found a renter for our home who will be moving in mid November-which means, that's right...we gotta be outta here sooner than soon! After a busy few days raking the rental market in Wilson, God provided the perfect home at the perfect time. Just this afternoon we got the final application approval and green light from our credit checks. The deposit is in and we are on our way! As of this moment, it looks like we will be moving in ONE short week from now! And to think I doubted...God is so good to us, always faithful and never failing!
I am so excited about our new HOUSE in Wilson-no more townhome living around here! After our exhausting search this past Sunday, I had begun to think maybe we might have to settle on a home because of our rush and not be 100% happy about it-after all it would only be temporary. I was confronted head on with my vanity and pride as I caught myself cringe at dated bathrooms, an oven from the year 1812, and your great grandmother's wallpaper galore. At one point we were looking at a home that was pretty old and seriously dated-and even it was out of our monthly price range! "Oh boy," I thought to myself with a heavy sigh. Of course, as I stoped to remind my soul, we could and would be happy wherever God would have us-we are already blessed beyond measure!

But as only the Lord would work out, it turned out that a house that we really liked, which was previously taken off the market, suddenly became available the following day!  As I had been in close contact with the Realtor, we were the first in line and put in our application right away! And the rest is history. It's a beautiful home in a great location-and best of all, right in our price range. Chris and I are so excited about moving to Wilson to be closer to our church family, and couldn't be happier with our new home. Hopefully this time next year we'll be able to sell our town home in Raleigh and buy in Wilson, but in the meantime we could not be happier with our rental house. Can I get an Amen?!

Between becoming landlords on our end and getting everything lined up as renters, juggling work, baby and moving-I think it's safe to say we've got a lot on our plate! Something tells me this week is going to be a circus...bring on the boxes! :-)


Lori said...

Awesome! Yes, it will be hectic . . . but I foresee a sewing play date in our near future!

Jen said...

This is such great news Rebecca!! :) So happy for you!!! :)