Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear Sock Monster

I used to think you were a myth, that you belonged in fairy tale land with the big bad wolf, narnia and cake batter ice cream(oh wait, pinch me that's real!). I even used to think that you were a made up...whisper... "excuse" for people like me who often loose their laundry. But no more. I've bent over in the washing machine, tirelessly inspected the dryer and walked and re-walked my path to the folded clothes. I can almost imagine you chuckling to yourslef as I needlessly unfold and beat out my neatly stacked shirts looking for my lost little baby socks.

I know you have the socks-I want them back. Why oh why must you prey on sweet, tiny baby socks? Perhaps an old, single, holey sock-or some good ole' dryer lint instead? It's no fun having cold feet, and mismatching simply will not do.

Come on, let's make a deal. I surrender, throw up my hands and admit...It''s true, the elusive sock monster is alive and well!
...and he lives in my house. Monster hunt anyone?


Anonymous said...

I truly enjoyed the tale of the sock monster. I too believe in the sock monster. I spend at least one Saturday out of the year going through all the socks and trying to match them up. Then I put all my singles in a plastic bag and tote out to the garage for you Dad to use in cleaning up grease, oil, paint and all those other stinky lubricants that make the garage their home. Perhaps the lone socks, the ones left behind, are the punished socks and they are domed to clean up duty until their cotton wears threadbare. Or maybe it is a better world..the clean-up duty world. It must beat being stepped on all day!

Love Gigi

Shayna said...

I love this Rebecca!! :)

Knives and Vaux said...

There is DEFINITELY a sock monster... plus lots more other demons too! You can read all about them at