Friday, October 15, 2010

It's that time again...

Time for the NC State Fair that is!
Colorful crowds and merry-go-rounds,

 surrender me sweet Kettle corn pop corn
 something deep fried and decadently fatty,
 high flying Ferris wheels(next year for sure!),
picture traditions plus one,

 and pigging out in general

is what the fair's all about!


jeanna said...

love all the pics, i also enjoy the state fair so much, but justin doesn't. maybe next year.

Kim said...

Rebeca, we spent the day at the sc state fair and had all the same sorts of fun. My fav was watching philip and braewyn ride all the kid rides. Braewyn's first year so they were so cute together. You'll get that joy in 2-3 years with Evan.