Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Talk

Evan here...mommy is busy washing my onesies and solving the mysteries of healthy baby sleep schedules, so I thought I'd post an update for her ;-).

I am 6 weeks old now and getting very excited about the world around me. Everyone I see tells me how adorable I am, and how cute my big, chubby cheeks are! I just love my swing and bouncer, and am really into this "play gym" thing.
Like most babies my age, I am starting to smile and coo, and have a wicked witching hour right before bedtime. Being tired is the pits! Over the past few days I've started to help mommy out with that whole "routine" thing-turns out naps aren't so bad after all. Mommy is so proud of me. If she thinks sleeping is a big achievement, just wait- I've got more where that came from. ;-)

And then there's this furry guy-don't even get me started. He is so loud and always trying to run off with my toys...I can't wait until I can get a hold of that tail!Oh, I hear a rumbly in my tumbly...time to go-gotta have my milk!


jeanna said...

Evan, you are very cute, what a great post from his perspective or should I say what Mommy thinks is his perspective!

Anonymous said...

Loved Evan's post. I can't believe how quickly he is changing...I think I might need to get him a present in honor of Piper's B-Day! Do you think he needs a play gym for Gigi's house? Speaking of that, can't wait for Saturday. What time would you like dinner served? It will probably be the usual--- steak on the grill! Well, time for me to go to bed. I've much much to do at work tomorrow as well as all that exercising. Yes, I am going to lose 15 pounds. Sept is my estimated date so hold me to it!

BoldLion said...

This so wonderful! I love it when you put him in "his" writing instead of "your" writing.

Have all the fun with Evan!

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion

Auntie Sami said...

I love Evan! I loved the pool picture that you posted, it is so cute! I got the same pic but he's not smiling :(