Saturday, February 6, 2010

Special Delivery!

With the special delivery of baby E's crib and dresser set, his room is well on it's way to being complete. Yesterday we had a somewhat cluttered yet blank canvass ghost of a guest room-and today it's a nursery!

UPS man pulls up with the goods(left)..Chris diligently working on the crib & dresser(right).
Chris was a champ with the assembly, and did a great job of putting everything solidly together. Notice my craftsmenship on the dresser knobs below, haha; I did my part baking cookies and passing the occasional screwdriver. I am more than pleased with how everything looks and am happy to say that both pieces really surpassed my expectations.

Presenting the adorable "after..."

Note the wood colors are a tad lighter than my camera's flash would have you believe-gotta love that point and shoot, lol. Just a few of the finer details to go-curtains, area rug, wall decor, changing pad, toy/book shelf, ect-and my vision will be complete. As a young but ambitious Martha Stewart lover, it's fun to have these home projects on the mind and daydream about colors, organization and other such creative decor outlets-what on earth will I online shop for after this room makeover, lol?

I'm overjoyed to have the cornerpeices of the room ready to go at 30 weeks, and can't wait to see the final product. :-)

*Not pictured-A sea of Styrofoam, a giant pile of cardboard boxes, and a confused, crib loving puppy.


BoldLion said...

Glad that you got the crib and other put together!

I am sure that he will love it when he comes.

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion

Shayna said...

Awww Rebecca, the furniture looks great!!! Evan will love, I'm sure. :)

jeanna said...

it looks great rebecca, chris did a wonderful job!

Lori said...

Hooray! Looks awesome! Now all we need is a baby!