Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Helpful Hints from "Good Housekeeping"

Every month I am so excited to receive my new "Good Housekeeping" magazine in the mail. There are always several little household tips and tricks to take away-and actually use! Last month I received a very handy(and simple) chart for the laundry detailing the different kinds of stains and how to get rid of them. I was initially planning on tacking it above the washer and dryer, but I'm ashamed to report that I'm not quite sure where it is at the moment-and even sadder is that it has very likely made its escape from our home via the recycling bin :/

So in an effort to better document and save these awesome household hints, recipes, book recommendations, ect, I've decided to blog about them. :-)

This month in GH:

Quotable quote: "Home is where one starts from." -T.S. Elliot

  • Ever get those annoying little scratches on your finished wood furniture? Coffee tables, dressers, ect...turns out there's a very natural and budget friendly way of salvaging them-nuts! Fresh walnuts or Brazil nuts have natural oils that can darken the wood to hide scratches. Simply crak the nut open, then rub the meat over the scratch in the direction of the grain of the wood. Buff w/ soft, clean cloth, repeat as necessary.
  • Speaking of wood woes, I also enjoyed this tip on how to undo water damage on a wood surface with just a clean towel and iron (not that this is necessary for me, we always use coasters in the Scott household..haha). Place the towel on top of the stain, then with low-medium heat press with iron for several seconds. The gentle heat will warm the wood finish enough to release the moisture into the towel. Lift towel to check results, and repeat if necessary.

  • Chocolate is good for you (In moderation of course)! Studies show that just a little bit of the good stuff each day can lower your blood pressure, lessen bad cholesterol, inhibit the formation of blood clots and reduce stress hormones(duh!).
  • Kale is apparently "the new pink" of vegetables. Wonder where to sneak that one in...
  • Last but not least...For those stinky sponges-they should be washed in cold soapy water, not hot as that can encourage the spread of bacteria-and also dried vertically so as to more evenly air out and avoid mildewing.


Shayna said...

I'm so glad that chocolate is good for us! :) And a good way to sneak Kale in is by making a green smoothie in the morning. Put 1 cup water in blender with handful of kale and lots of your favorite fruit (ie strawberries). Blend and drink. I saw fresh strawberries in Sam's Club the other day... :)

BoldLion said...

Of course, I am always so thankful for Chocolate is good for me. I love them so much especially DARK Chocolate!

This is a very educational kind of magazine. I am going to have to see them.

If you had misplaced something from the magazine. Can you go online to see if they do have that online? It wouldn't hurt to check that out.

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion

Lori said...

I was just getting ready to type "Smoothies. . . you sneak kale in during smoothie making." But, I see my ever earthy friend Shayna has already commented on the topic. Haha! :)