Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcoming September

Tease though it may be, I am loving these first breaths of Fall in the new September air! As I took Piper for our brief morning walk, the cool breeze greeted me like an old friend. And like a friend I forgot to miss, I was warmed and refreshed by her familiar, fresh and non humid presence. A seasoned North Carolina resident, I am well aware that these precious few days of cool weather could very likely be a fluke, and am taking in every minute while I can. On my drive to work, I felt the sure and unmistakable hint of fall in the air, and I swear the leaves on these trees are turning orange! My mind flooded with thoughts of pumpkins and candy corn, the state fair and warm toned sweaters, along with renewed gratitude to a God who changes times and seasons. I.love.Fall.

Good morning September, please take of your shoes and stay a while!

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