Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Flee Market Montage

On Saturday my mom, sister and I headed to the state fairgrounds for the Southern Ideal Home Show and, as a perk, the last official flee market before it closes down for the fair. We saw...

Lots of precious puppy dogs(many dressed for the occasion) and even a Dalmatian!
A grand assortment of colorful tin art, including a 6 foot tall girafe surrounded by under the sea friends and a rooster.The donkey from Shrek even made an appearance, along with Ronald McDonald! A sea of fabulous purses to peruse....andmany more interesting stands to shop. Glass bottle cokes, lots of interesting antiques and a stroll around the home show finished out our fairgrounds visit. Topped off with a beeline to BabiesRUs and a delicious lunch from Olive Garden, us girls shared quite an adventurous Saturday morning!

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Anonymous said...

No, I don't drink...I just take bad pictures. (Haven't we all heard and said that before!)