Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kermit: The Tale of an Unwelcome Intruder

In my home, there is a strict warm blooded, 10 fingered, domesticated only policy. Therefore, such green creatures as the one pictured below are not suitable guests.
Last night while resting on the couch, I was very rudely stirred awake by the sound of 10 puppy toenails scrambling like crazy on our wood floors. I peeped open my eyes to see what the rucus was, and was immediately alerted to the intruder’s presence. I saw in the dim reflection of “Dancing with the Stars” something green…Something green and bouncy? Of course I kept my distance and approached very cautiously, all the while erratically yelling for Piper to come to me and stop chasing the strange thing(as if he was scared at all, lol)

As it hopped its way into the full light of the kitchen, I was able to fully decipher it’s shape, and extra creepy lime green color. With a gasp and a sudden burst of bravery, I hopped on the island stool, pulled Piper up by his collar and bolted! What can I say, I am all girl when it comes to these things. Ugh, I shudder just thinking about it.

Fortunately for me, it was almost 8pm and Chris was almost home from work. I waited outside on our porch(in my pj’s no less) with Piper until he came to the rescue. Don’t judge me, it could have been poisonous! Plus I could not bear the thought of being in the house..that thing had serious jumping superpowers and ew ew ewwww!

Thankfully, Chris was able to successfully can the trespasser in some Tupperware, then let him free outside. Crisis resolved! Still, I don’t think I cloroxed the kitchen enough today! I wondered afterwards if Kermit(a treefrog as it turned out) had acted with an accomplice or had a partner in crime, to which Chris assured me he was most definitely a “lone ranger.” In any case, I’m on the lookout!


Shayna said...

I enjoyed reading your account with Kermit the Frog. You're such a good story-teller. :)

Several years ago I saw this acronym for FROG - Fully Rely On God. Since then, I've had a thing for little "kermits." I actually have quite the collection of frogs (knick knacks)that people have gifted me with over the years. :) It's amazing the many different types of frogs and the brillant colors that God has gifted some of them with. HIS great design. Our checks even have a froggy design on them (can you guess who picked those out?) Whenever I see a frog, it serves as a reminder that I am to fully rely on God. Just felt compelled to share. :)

Anonymous said...

Kermit...I can't believe Kermit chased you out of your very own home. Ms. Piggy would be aghast at his bad manners. But nature was just reminding you that it will soon be time to strap on those guns and get used to taking care of the scarey things all by yourself...such is a child's expectation of every Mom and Dad. So polish up that suit of armor and get ready to play the hero! Love Nanana Banana

BoldLion said...

I had to laugh at this!

I am very opposite from you! I don't think that I ever had been afraid of animals in my entire life. Not even a snake or spiders! Be thankful it isn't a snake or spiders!

I am glad that Chris were able to help you out for this.

I love the way you wrote this blog!

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion