Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weeds Be Gone

In addition to pesky flies, we're at war with the weeds! I recently stumbled upon this tip from one of my new favorite blogs, "Keeper of the Home: Naturally Inspired Living for the Christian Homemaker. " Because my thumb has a long way to go before turning a fruitful "green," I feel that the least I can do is tackle these weeds! We're all about natural solutions, especially considering that Piper goes out back a lot and it's such a small area. We've tried boiling water, and while it does sort of kill the weeds, it's only had a so-so effect. So here is my new and simple action plan for getting rid of these strongwilled weeds, courtesy of "Keeper of the Home":

1 lb. Table Salt
1 gallon White Vinegar
Liquid dish detergent
*Dissolve the salt in the vinegar, then add 8 drops of liquid dish detergent. Store in a labeled spray bottle.

Crossing my fingers that it works! Now if only I had these types of weeds...I'd just let them grow and grow :)

1 comment:

Shayna said...

I'm going to try this solution on our driveway. God has taught me a lot through Stephanie's blog! Read
& learn. ;)

Oh, and your wood floor is beautiful. Worth all that hard work for sure.