Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Polar Bears Oh My!

Yesterday Chris and I took a day trip to Asheboro to visit the North Carolina State Zoo. It was a great day under the sun as we walked through North America and Africa to see the animals. I especially loved meeting "Willie" the Polar Bear, who was feeling a little lazy under the hot summer sun. Chris and I both taged the Aviary as another favorite of the day. Enjoy the pics!

While we both truly enjoyed and highly recommend the NC State Zoo, I have to say that Disney's Animal Kingdom still holds the "best zoo experience ever!" award. Mostly because this picture, taken on our honeymoon in Disney, wasn't even cropped... wow!
On an unrelated note, this trip also verified our uncanny ability to schedule trips alongside middle school field trip days. My what brave teachers there are! :)

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Anonymous said...

At least there is one Theme Park in Disney I'd not yet seen. Sounds like a good excuse to head South for a vacation and stay at the Shades of Green! M