Friday, October 24, 2008

NC State Fair 08!

Chris and I finally made it out to the long anticipated North Carolina State fair this week! Chris especially loves the state fair, and looks forward to it every year. I'm happy to report that we had a great day at the fair, with beautiful fall weather and free parking to boot! It also happened to be World Hunger Relief day yesterday, so we saved big and paid our admission in canned foods :) Here are a few highlights:

When you go the State Fair, you must eat, and eat, and eat. This year, we ate:
1. Polish Sausage
2. Awesome Roasted Corn
3. Authentic Kettle Corn Popcorn
4. Deep Fried Milky Way
5. Funnel Cake
6. Hot Chocolate
7. Misc: Hush puppy samplings, a gigantic Dill Pickle, and a few tubs of honey.

In other fair happenings, we entered to win a collective $15,500 in raffles and free gas giveaways, not to mention a pickle prize package in a "guess the number of pickles in the jar" contest...I'm pretty sure we'll win this one. And what's the fair without NC's finest cows, duckies, and prize winning pastries? We even got to see a free BMX/Motocross show. And did I also say that we got a free "ChamWOW" sample on our way to the Villages of Yesteryear? Ahh the sights, sounds, and smells of the fair...they are truly one of a kind.
This was our third year at the fair together, and were already looking forward to #4! I think I'll have to submit a dessert of some kind next year, or maybe even a photograph. After touring the fun food and art displays, I'm pretty sure that ANYONE can enter, lol. Blue Ribbon, here I come!!! Dare to dream :)

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Jen said...

hope y'all had a great time at the conference! feel free to bring piper over anytime!!