Friday, October 17, 2008

Grooming Gone Wrong!

Astonished looks, gasps...
Wide eyes..disbelief.
"Piper? Is that you?!"

We took Piper to get groomed for the first and LAST time yesterday. Suffice it to say, Chris and I are down right upset about his first haircut gone terribly bad. Our puppy was hardly recognizable to us. His rich, curly locks that we loved so much are all but gone. The stubborn hair on his head that always stood straight up and that I loved so much about him-gone. Friends, it is NOT cute, and worst of all, he hardly looks like a yorkiepoo anymore! Rather, he now looks like a girl, a dainty, awkward poodle. Apparently, what we meant by a trim was interpreted as a slightly longer buzz. The shear horror.

Fortunately, we know that his hair will grow back, and yes, it is just hair. Even so, we couldn't help battling those initial feelings of "this isn't our dog...where did our dog go?!" Dare I say, we were even a bit embarrassed coming out of PetsMart and I even felt the need to justify his look and explain that he was just groomed to perfect strangers! We had planned on taking some cute fall pictures at a local pumpkin patch with him-now were not so sure. Worst of all, as Chris and I eyed his horrific new do, we knew the unspeakable-that this cut has seriously jeopardized his chances of winning the "Howl-O-Ween" PetsMart costume contest.

I know this sounds ridiculous, it is just hair, but it's just plain ugly. And that is no exaggeration. Piper himself is also going through a mourning period over his lost hair. After barking incessantly at his reflection in our glass door, we decided it was best not to let him see himself in the mirror, at least until his hair grows out a bit-he is terribly upset over it. Not to mention, I'm not sure he was in love with the his first grooming experience as the words "a little wild" and "lost his dinner" were mentioned.

The worst part is that he just does'nt look ANYTHING like the puppy that we've come to know and love for these past two months. I keep telling Chris that it's just a bad haircut, and he is still our sweet puppy and for this short season of his life, we'll just have to get used to it. We're hoping upon hope that his hair will grow back super fast. Oh what new heights of vanity we've reached! Tisk tisk. But of course we love him no matter what he looks like :)

I would post a before and after picture here....but I couldn't bring myself to take the after.


BoldLion said...

I am sorry about that! I do wish the best for you all and including Piper!

Of course, we all learn something everyday.

I am sure that he will be back normal soon and acting normal soon too. Keep on loving him no matter what he looks like.

Paw for Dogs,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion

Jen said...

oh my! how sad! if your vet has a groomer on site i HIGHLY recommend taking your pup there! ours is the same price as petsmart, and they are never kenneled. plus, it's the same lady who grooms each time and ellie doesn't mind it at all!

y'all should try playing with his paws, and ears and even brushing him/bathing him on your own to get him used to the "touches" of grooming. it worked for our girl so i'm sure y'all will have success!

see y'all next weekend!!

Anonymous said...


When I take Lucy for her summer cut I always come back with some kind of Doberman!!! She always looks CRAZY, but she feels really good and is as happy as ever. Piper doesn't mind the cut, but it does sound like you need a new groomer who knows what a yorkipoo should look like. Poor guy!!


Amy K said...

I love how even little Piper is kind of vain. Then again, when you got it, you got it & that's not vain, it's just a fact. ;)