Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cheers to a three day weekend!

What a nice, relaxing Labor Day weekend we had. My favorite part-probably sleeping in on Monday! On Saturday Chris and I, puppy in tow, went to visit his dad in Durham, and stopped at the Eno river along the way (so much for Piper's bath on Friday night!). After an outside lunch on Duke's famed Ninth street, we made a short surprise visit to his Grandparent's house on the way home. Needless to say, the puppy had quite an exciting day! He is without a doubt the center of attention wherever we go. We are so thankful that he is friendly and gives sweet kisses to his many unfamiliar admirers.

On Monday we had a great time walking around and exploring Downtown Raleigh in search of the "city market." Despite the fact that mostly everything was closed, it a beautiful day for a walk in the city(Piper agreed). Every time I go Downtown I am freshly awed at it's rich history, tall buildings, beautiful park areas, meaningful monuments and it's o so enticing street side cafes & restaurantes. We did find the City Market(A great Photo-Op for those artists at heart!), and look forward to going back soon when things are OPEN...all in all, we had a wonderful time and, as always, vowed to come back more often.

Other weekend highlights-Having a delicious lunch at "Pei Wei," one of our favorite restaurantes-finishing a good book-making Jello and Snickerdoodle cookies-homework(for Chris)-catching some of the Jon and Kate marathon-a cute movie-Piper's first official bath-annnnnddd laundry!

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