Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adventures in Cupcake Decorating...

My final cake decorating class at Micheal's was last night, and I am now-drumroll please-Wilton certified(class 1 anyways)! Because I made my dad an ocean themed cake for his birthday this past weekend(pictures to come), I decided to go simple for this last class and decorate some delicious cupcakes.

Seven things I learned from cake class:
1. Consistency counts! There are three types of consistency in cake decorating-thin, medium, and thick(or stiff). And believe me, it makes a difference.
2. One batch of icing is rarely enough. When it comes to preparing icing, better safe then sorry-make more than you need!
3. Let icing dry and crust before you try to wash it out, especially if your using decorating tips-much less mess this way.
4. The rotating cake stand is a must have, totally worth it, small investment. It makes icing much easier, and prevents the constant turning and awkward bending while icing.
5. A "crumb layer" is a neccesity-it's a thin layer of icing that goes on first to essentially "glue" the crumbs to the cake.
6. Patience perfects.
7. In China, babies are potty trained from birth-no messy diapers for them. I learned this from a very talented cake decorator beside me who, with her family, is an IMB missionary to China and is in the US for the next year while her husband is in school at Southeastern. Please pray for them as they enjoy their time stateside with family and prepare to go back to China in 09'.

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