Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Adventures in Aprons

So I tackled my first official sewing pattern last week-what a disaster! The pattern was of a very cute apron, both long and short, with a dainty ruffled edge. Not only was it written in another language(literally and figuratively), but it was also incredible assuming(that I was an experienced seamstress) and not "Sew Simple" as the title would suggest.

After way to much time reading the pattern instructions over and over again,I threw in the towel(I then did not stand back and watch as Piper mercilessly tore the pattern and it's carefully cut peices to shreds, and I certainly did not encourage such bad behavoir-nope, not me). So I decided to make my own apron, a la carte! Miles of milestones later, I came out with this:

I was pleasantly surprised at my hard work and am so proud of my first apron. Yes, it has its rough edges, and no, the back does not look nearly as good as the front-but that's okay. I was worried that by the time I had slightly found a clue that I had cut down the fabric so much and it would be way to small for me. It barely passes for my size, and would be a great child sized apron I decided. I'm sure the next time around it will be much easier-after all practice does make better.

In other news:
*As you may notice, I accidentally deleted my previous blog background(oops) and in looking for the original, stumbled across one I liked even better! A sweet mistake.

*This upcoming Sunday we will celebrate the two year anniversary of our Church, how exciting :)

*Last but not least, drum roll...we are beach bound this weekend! Hopefully we will have some sunny weather for our few days in Wilmington. Piper is coming with us too; stay tuned for pics!


Jen said...

I think that apron looks great! Did you and Chris get my message about the Family Life conference? You can't beat free!! Let me know how y'all are doing :)

Lori said...

Hooray so cute! And kudos for winging it. I am much happier with the outcome when I don't use patterns. Aprons are one of our (Hannah and me) favorite things to make and design-- super great presents too! Now you need to host a party in your new apron! :)