Friday, September 26, 2008

Scrapbooking anyone?

Oh boy...
I bought a scrapbook at Michaels today. My plate of creative hobbies has quickly grown over me like a monstrous weed...and I love it! Of course I had told myself that I'd eventually get into scrapbooking again- maybe in a few years or when we start to have children, but hey, what better time than the present? Curse those Michaels coupons.

Against all odds, I have told myself that I will not go completely berzerk over scrapbooking-precious time and resources do not allow for it(although there is a new "Archivers" store near us and boy do they have some cute paper!). In any case, I refuse to accumulate an unoranized stack/box of pictures. After all, what's the point of even taking them if your not going to enjoy them?

And while I don't plan on going to Michaels every other day and spending countless hours cutting up pictures and tons of money on zig zag sissors and fun stickers, I am nonetheless so excited to rekindle my relationship with scrapbooking :)


Your husband said...

Hey honey,
I just wanted to say hello and I wanted you to check out my NEW BLOG!!!!!!!!! yay I'm now in the "blog-o-sphere"!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry it is

Lori said...

No thanks, but can you come finish a few of my neglected scrap books and recreate Madeline's first year of life?