Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stich Sews and other Fun Birthday Antics

A disclaimer to start...I must note that our home is not over run with stuffed animals, and no, we do not have kids yet, lol. I do however still hold my childhood favorite "Ducky" very dear and Chris has indulged me with two snugly teddy bears over the years. Also, Stich came home with us from our Honeymoon in Disney World.

That being said, Chris was totally creative with his birthday surprises and set up a scavenger hunt of sorts that was so much fun! He set up our stuffed animals in different places around the house, each with different presents and clever notes leading to the next. Here are my favorites:

A note from my first bear(who was holding a sweet birthday card) read "Ducky is cooking up a suprise in the kitchen." This is what I found in the kitchen: (It's impossible not to get a good laugh out of this!)

Ducky's present was a new apron, which I can't wait to cook in! His note said "Uh oh, go get Stich before he sews himself up!" Lilo and stich fans, you know that Stich is a little out of control...

Skipping a stop from the rubber ducky in our bathroom, the grand finale lead me to this:

A Zales box, are you kidding me?! Congratulations Chris, you have finally surprised me. He very thoughtfully picked out a beautiful necklace. I was beside myself with surprise and excitement. Though I love looking at nice jewelry, I usually don't venture beyond the Goody's sales..needless to say, I will take very very good care of this one!

Afterwards we enjoyed a great dinner at TGIFridays (beginning to be a birthday tradition) and came home where I sat down to figure out my sewing machine and Chris worked on his lessons for Kidstunes. A great day! I'm so thankful for a husband who is thoughtful and creative and who loves to indulge the smiling child inside.I will always appreciate my husband for this day.

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