Monday, July 28, 2008

Early birthday treats and broken boots...

It's been a very eventful weekend-here's a breif recap. On Saturday, Chris and I painted pottery at "Clay Funk" in honor of our 1 year anniversary last week (Stay tuned for pics). While I'm not changing careers or anything, it was a pretty fun activity. Between the two of us, I think Chris and I have some very artistic genes! Afterwards we had lunch on Red Robin, a complementary early birthday treat(My actual birthday is the 29th). Red Robin is without a doubt one of my favorite restaurants as far as fun atmospheres go. :)

Sunday was a topsy turvey kind of day. Following a great morning at church, we headed on to Goldsboro for a joint birthday celebration for my mom and I. After a wonderful steak lunch(a treat for Chris and I), my dad and Chris went to work on my car, which had been making strange and disturbing noises over the past week. Turns out the problem was much more complicated than a simple break job-namely a break job, two broken boots and seriously worn out routers :/ Don't you love cars! Looong story short, my car monopolized most of the afternoon. My mom and I set out chairs on the lawn to watch the boys work and played with the dogs in the afternoon sun, so we did manage to salvage some quality time in the midst of the car dilemma.

Oh, and we did squeeze in some cake time, of course. Yummmyyy! As presents go, I am sooo excited and thankful for my new sewing machine! I'm sure this will be the subject of numerous posts to come! Chris also suprised me with cake decorating classes at Michaels. That's right ladies, I will soon be Wilton certified!

Tomorrow I will be 23 years old..officially. More birthday suprises to come!


pastor justin said...

We missed you guys on Sunday night. It looks like you were busy replacing boots.

Have a great birthday!

jeanna said...

I hope you have a very happy birthday, oh to be 23!! I get to be the BIG 3-0 this year in a few months, oh the days of youth!! I know that you will love your cake decorating classes, i really enjoyed mine. Have a wonderful day!